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Five Star Customer Reviews

I love that I don't have to get in the shower to shave.

Sabrina (about Flawless® Legs)

I have little tiny hairs all over my face. Flawless is really really effective. Without that peach fuzz my skin is so smooth, my makeup goes on flawlessly.

Toni Anne (about Flawless® Face)

I'm able to get the smoothness of waxing without pain or redness.

Angela (about Flawless Face)

Flawless® Legs® is easy to use, easy to hold and I don't have to get my legs wet.

Madison (about Flawless® Legs)

One of my favorite things is I don't have to wait for the hair to grow out like you do with waxing.

Toni (about Flawless Brows)

I can do it myself whenever I want. For a quick touchup, it's perfect.

Michelle (about Flawless Brows)